EACH HEARTBEAT, WRITE! (C.E. Pereira & Dã-Thảo)

Cùng Bạn Đọc,

Dear Friend,

     Dã-Thảo có một người Bạn quen qua website, Bà làm thơ Dã-Thảo họa lại nên muốn đem hai bài thơ post lên trang nhà mời Bạn đọc cho vui. Thân mến tặng những người Bạn đã thân lâu ngày và những người Bạn mới quen ở những phương trời xa thật xa.

     I have a friend through the website, she made a poem, I made a comment in a way like a poem for her for fun. And now I post two, her and my, on my page to give to my long-term friends on the net and the new friends living in far, far away in the world as a gift to you all, dear friends.

Lots of love from DTQT. 21/08/2019.

A blank page waiting.
For me to ink the words.
Yet, nothing happens.
No words pour out.

When writing fails,
I read my poems.
And I fuss over them.
And wonder their purpose.

Will it touch another’s heart?
To lift a weary soul.
Will it bring on a sigh?
To hold, to inspire.

Your opinion I used to seek.
Every now and then.
Waiting for your praise.
I had to ask, always.

I wait for your comment.
But, I’ve stopped asking you.
An emptiness for this poem.
For you may not read it.

Your silence, a sharp blow.
Failure leaping off the page.
As I write my heart on paper.
This rush of feeling less.

Each heartbeat, write!
So there are no regrets.
For when I am gone,
I’ll not leave a blank page.

By C.E. Pereira

Dear C.E. Pereira,

I read your poem,
I could hear your heartbeat
Eighty per minute,
In a healthy soul,
In a body fit,
For a feeling well,
Write them down your thoughts,
To the paper now,
Do not let them go,
And you can not reach.

I come back today to read again,

Do you know my thoughts, my friend
Can I reblog two of our poems,
To my own flowers garden,

It must be really beautiful,
Because of you and I,
Living far away,
Never had a day off.

To get together, ever
And just thought ever,
Two poems just like two pretty women,
Sitting in the garden with beautiful flowers.

Dã-Thảo Que Tran30-8-2011 QUẾ IN THE GARDEN 019

30-8-2011 QUẾ IN THE GARDEN 014This is my garden