Pluto & Wally
Memories of Pluto  < click here

     This is the photo of Wally and Pluto, his beloved dog. Pluto was always with his owner, since he came to the gate of H.W. Adrian Engineering Pty Ltd for food and water in 1985. Pluto passed away in 1996 because of his old aged. Eleven years in between, Wally looked after Pluto very well and loved him and treated him as nice as his best friend. And he was really Wally’s best friend, no doubt.

     I made this poem in 1997 and published in “Carnival of Poets”, An anthology of poetry printed in 1998 by Liverpool Migrant Resource Centre. Sydney NSW Australia.

     Now, dear friends and readers, please click the title Memories of Pluto and enjoy reading.

     * Cùng Bạn Đọc Vietnamese thân mến, Dã-Thảo có chuyển bài thơ sang tiếng Việt. Kính mời. 


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