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World’s longest dragon arrives in Melbourne for Chinese New Year

Australian news  February 11, 2018
Sun Loong, the 100-metre long Imperial Dragon, has made its appearance at the Melbourne Museum for the Chinese New Year.
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Bendigo’s much loved Imperial Dragon, Sun Loong debut performance in Melbourne at the Royal Exhibition Building. His predecessor, Loong performed at Federation and opening of Federal Parliament at this same building in 1901

Sun Loong welcomes the start of a prosperous Year of the Dog!

Sun Loong! Bendigo’s Imperial Dragon 🐉 in to help celebrate . Big Shout Out to Bendigo Chinese Association, & their volunteers for today’s performance

The longest imperial dragon outside of China has made its colourful debut in Melbourne for Lunar New Year celebrations. Sun Loong measures 100 metres long and is adorned with 60,000 silk and papier-mache scales, and 90,000 hand-cut mirrors.

Thousands came to see awaken & dance today. The Worlds longest now on display                   

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