To My Friends Who Would Like To Read English And, Who Can Not Read Vietnamese Language.

Cùng Bạn Đọc,

     Dã-Thảo xin được post trang này cho các Bạn không đọc được tiếng Việt Nam, mong các Bạn thông cảm. Và nhân đây DT cũng mời Bạn Đọc click vào xem những bài viết bằng Anh ngữ, (dầu đã có chuyển ngữ hay không). Đây là những bài văn và thơ, đăng lại, để các Bạn không đọc được tiếng Việt Nam có thể vào xem. Sau mỗi lần đọc một bài nếu Bạn muốn tiếp tục đọc, xin click vào mũi tên đi lui, nằm bên trái Bạn sẽ trở lại trang để đọc bài tiếp theo.

Thân mến,

DTQT. 27/05/2019.

Dear friends,    

     I would like to introduce my articles, poems, proses (they have been posted on my site before), to you all again so, you can click on the title of the post I have written in English and you can read. I’m sorry that I didn’t think about it earlier but anyway “Better late than never” isn’t it?  

     After finish one story or article or a poem, if you would like to continue reading you must click the arrow on the top left corner to go back to this page to read more. It would be appreciated if you leave a comment. I hope you enjoy reading. And they are below:

Sincerely yours

DTQT. 27/05/2019.

* Walking on a strange land

* You can call me “Mother”

* THE GREENHOUSE.docx edited

* The fifth daughter

* The Magic of Flowers


(You could read this in Vietnamese at first but there are English would follow.) 

* Inner Peace

* On a long train journey from Sydney to Melbourne


* How dare I

* Memories of Pluto


* Silver Eyes

* i-must-go-home1

* An invitation

* Sorry Emperor!

* Just making sure

* The empty house

* My little girl

Người Chữa Bịnh =The Healer

The Hand

She gets out of the house

Before the sun rises,

And comes back home

After the sun goes down

She has two hands,

Soft and tender,

Loving and caring

Working very hard.

Both her hands are lacerated

By the sharp edge of papers,

The hands that bring food to the table

For her offspring.

The hands that kneads three blocks of clay,

Into the right shape,

The right shape of mind

For the next generation.

Dã-Thảo Quế Trần

Spring 1998

Evie photos G

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